SC Still Ranked High in Domestic Violence

Circumstances of and casualties from domestic violence have pestered South Carolina for several years, and according to a brand-new research study launched from the Violence Policy Center (VPC), “When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2015 Homicide Data,” the issue continues to remain in the Palmetto State.

Information from 2015, the most recent year for which data are offered, exposes that the murder rate of females killed by guys in South Carolina is 1.83 per 100,000 females– 5th in the country. The nationwide rate in 2015 was 1.12 per 100,000. The variety of female murder victims in South Carolina in 2015 was 46.

The above data show the variety of “murders including one female murder victim and one male transgressor,” according to a news release from the S.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault.

This is the 6th year in a row that South Carolina has ranked in the Top 5 states for ladies eliminated by guys.

” At Safe Harbor, we hope this figure will set in motion systems throughout our state and local neighborhoods to work collaboratively and vigilantly to supply assistance for victims and their households and to hold wrongdoers liable,” Julie Meredith, the company’s program director, informed the Greenville Journal. Safe Harbor is a not-for-profit company devoted to assisting victims of domestic violence in the Upstate.

VPC has launched their “When Men Murder Women” report every year for the previous 20 years quickly before October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The research study utilizes information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Supplementary Homicide Report.

In South Carolina, 53 percent of murders where a weapon might be determined were devoted using a weapon. Thirteen women were “eliminated with knives or other cutting instruments.”.

In cases where a victim-offender relationship was known, 39 from 43 ladies were killed by somebody they understood. Of those females, 72 percent “were better halves, common-law better halves, ex-wives, or sweethearts of the wrongdoers.” Feel more info on